Fantastic! Afghan Square

Moogly 2017 CALLink to Moogly CAL Square 1 Pattern

I just finished my first square and I love it.  The Rose colored yarn I am using works beautifully in this square and highlights all the intricate parts, however the pattern was written for changing colors almost every row and I had to get creative with where I did my joins and how I worked the last few rows.  Good news – I kept notes on how I did it so you can make a solid color block without a lot of frogging. 

The designer of this square is Julie Yeager.  She has both a website and a Ravelry account where you can find all of her patterns and a website that you will be directed to from the Moogly site.  I poked around today on her site and I am loving her pattern style.  I am definitely putting a few of her things on my Crocheting Wish list. 

Go read the pattern on Moogly and then check out my notes below if you want help making the pattern solid instead of stripped. 


My Notes:

Round 4B – This round will float in front of your square.  It is only connected at the top of each FPDC.  Don’t freak out it lines up perfectly in the next round where you crochet round 5a holding both 4a and 4b together.  *This is the same for rounds 5 and 6 too.

Round 8 – Don’t skip the last three, just keep going.

Round 9 – Don’t slip stitch the last 9, just sc them and it works fine.  **This round is the one that makes it into a square, go ahead and hand shape it to make the corners easier to find in the following rows.

Round 11 – Start sc in the middle where you are.  Just sc to the corner, 3 sc in corner, sc to next corner and repeat around.

Round 12 – You have to flip it to make the bubbles pop out correctly.  To start in the middle where your yarn already is just start with (Ch 4, sc next st, tr next st, sc next st) to corner, 3 sc in each corner and repeat the pattern around and sl in front of the starting chain. 

Round 13 – Just start sc across the side, and work 3 sc in each corner.


 After talking to people in the Ravelry group (you should go join it right now – they are awesome) I learned that it is easier to figure out where to put your different colors once you have worked the square in a solid color.  So if you want to make multiple blankets, or double up on squares to make one huge blanket try the solid square first. 

1Worsted Weight Yarns from

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