Danyel’s Square

Moogly 2017 CALFind Moogly’s Post for Square #2 here.

Link to the pattern on Salena Baca Crochet is here.

The designer for this square is Salena Baca.  I learned about her last week on Marly Bird’s podcast ‘Yarn Thing.’  I have to tell you that I loved her interview so much I was looking at her sites before I was done listening to it.  She has hundreds of patterns on her Ravelry page (both free and pay for), and is a big fan of Facebook live.  I thought it was Fate when she was the designer for the square on the same day that the podcast was aired.  She is definitely in my top 10 designers right now!

MooglyCAL2017 Square 2
Moogly CAL 2017 Square 2

I finished the second Square for the Moogly CAL and I love it. This square worked up in less than two hours.  I love the dramatic look of all the popcorns. I have a plain tan couch pillow I have been wanting to dress up. I think I am going to make a pillow case using two of these seamed around it.

I only have one tip for a successful square:

– Use a stitch marker to mark all four corners. The pattern is a simple repeat but due to the height of the stitches the corners are easy to loose track of.  Well it was easy for me because I was watching TV while working on it.


Cotton Yarns from knitpicks.com

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