10 Essential Notions for Crochet

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When you are just starting a new hobby it is always hard to know exactly what you really need.  If you walk down the aisles of any hobby store there are all kinds of things to choose from for crochet alone.  There are hooks (plastic, bamboo or metal), there are stitch markers (locking and open), needles (bent, straight and long), scissors, tape measures, preassembled kits, stitch keepers, project bags and bins, yarn cutters, stress gloves, and the list goes on and on.

As you crochet more and more projects you will learn what types of notions you like and work best for you.  Maybe you will end up using every single one of them, but I doubt it.  Over the years I have been crocheting I have built a notions kit of things I use on almost all of my projects.  This is my kit.  Some of them are needed to make your projects look professional and some of them are to help me keep my cool while I am working on a project.

  • A small bag to keep the items together – one with a  zipper works best.  Mine is a makeup bag I received free in a give away.
  • Your favorite hook.  My favorite is this clover with a wide ergonomic handle.
  • A needle to weave in ends.  I prefer one with a bent tip so that I can get under stitches easier.
  • A pen to keep track of pattern changes or marking notes on a pattern.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A retractable tape measure.
  • Split ring markers.  These are easily moved when working on a project. (Pink in picture below.)
  • Locking stitch markers.  These are great when you have to mark a spot or right side of a project and need to leave the marker there for a long time.  (Dark blue in picture below.)img_3896
  • A pair of nail clippers.  Honestly I just get bothered if I have a hang nail that catches on my yarn.
  • A small plastic bin that I keep my stitch markers, needles, and clippers in.  You could buy a small kit like this one that has the different stitch markers and needles in a case.

You can build your kit as slowly as you need to.  I went back and priced the items in my kit if I bought them all now.  Not counting the bag and the pen (I know you have those) you can get everything for $20.  Maybe less if you use a coupon the hobby stores give out like water.  If you are going to get serious about crochet as a hobby sign up for the email list from your favorite hobby store.  They will send you more coupons than you can ever use.

Click here to read my article on How To Build Your Stash Responsibly.


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2 thoughts on “10 Essential Notions for Crochet

  1. Great advice! I always find myself in the craft stores wondering what I should have for not just crocheting, but for different crafts in general. I’m a crochet novice, so it’s great to know what tools are good to have. Thanks!

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