Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern ReviewThe theme in Mermaid’s (my daughter) cartoons this week has been kids losing teeth.  Seriously every series has had one kid lose a tooth and put it under their pillow for the magical and mystical Tooth Fairy to trade for a bit of money.  Her favorite seems to be Peppa Pig where the Tooth Fairy gives a gold coin for the tooth.  Honestly Mermaid is 3 so we have a few more years to get ready for the tooth fairy, but she is obsessed.  So I made her this cute little tooth fairy pillow I found on one of my favorite blogs the other day.  This pillow is super easy!  I was able to make the whole thing in 3 hours and have it hanging on the door for Mermaid to admire.

The blog is My Purpose In Life Is Joy.  Heather is a new crochet designer and has free patterns on her blog, and is starting to sell them in an Etsy store.  Make sure to check out her other designs because you are going to want to make them.  One of my favorites is the Bear Lovie.  I think I need to make it just to sit on the bench at the foot of my bed.  (We have a whole bear theme in the house so it would fit right in.) 

For the pattern please click here.  This way Heather gets all the credit she deserves for her awesome design.


My Notes on Making the Tooth Fairy Pillow:

1.      Terms used are American Crochet Stitches.

2.      In the beginning row of the body panel start the first DC in the 2nd ch from the hook.

3.      There are 2 sts between the roots.  (Use this to help count backwards to find where to start from the outside edge.)

4.      Pocket:  The starting chain should be 13 chs.  This way the body is 12 sts wide.

5.      Make sure you tack the loose ends down on the inside of the body panels.  You do not have to weave them in, but this makes sure they stay out of the way while you are seaming.

6.      It is easier to work the seaming round if you start at the top center where the slip stitches are.  The join may be more noticeable if you do it on a long side, and way to hard if you try to hide it between the roots.

7.      Make sure to cut your black threads short!  After you sew on the face and tie off the yarn, make sure to cut the ends short to prevent them shadowing through the white body.


My Materials

For my tooth I used Red Heart Yarn in Soft White and Black with a G hook.  The fiber fill is my normal machine washable polyester.  This way it is machine washable.  Why does it need to be machine washable you ask yourself?  Because my daughter is using it as a stuffed toy.  It is currently having a tea party with a babydoll, a penguin, and our two german shepherd dogs. 



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