The Knit Show with Vickie Howell !!



the knit show pinterestWhen I started knitting and crocheting all those years ago there was a TV show called Knitty Gritty hosted by Vickie Howell.  I loved it.  I learned how to set up my old VCR just to record the shows.  After that show she became the host on Knitting Daily, by that time I had the glory of a DVR.  I still have every episode on my DVR.  I live in fear of the day something happens to that little machine because then those episodes are going to be gone – they cancelled that show too.

I was listening to the Yarn Things Podcast last night and the guest was non-other than Vickie Howell.  If there is anyone I am going to fan-girl over more than Marly Bird it is definitely going to be Vickie Howell.  She has a new project she is working on and needs our help.

She wants to create and produce a new show called ‘The Knit Show’.  She has a production crew, a schedule outline of guests and topics, and a budget all planned out.  What she doesn’t have is the funding.  So she started a Kick Starter campaign.  It is for everyone who wants an awesome knitting/ crochet/ yarn show that would be available online.  In true Vickie style she is going to teach, showcase designers, indie dyers, and major companies in the industry equally.


There are all kinds of levels to donate money to the campaign.  Even if you only have $1 that will help them.  I am donating and I am so proud to do so (even though I have never donated to a crowdfunding campaign)!  It won’t be a lot because my blog doesn’t make any money but I want this program and I know all of you will too.

If you want to help go to KICKSTARTER – The Knit Show with Vickie Howell to donate.  I know you are going to have questions and she answers pretty much all of them right there.  If you want more information you can also check out her website



UPDATE :  The Kickstart Campaign is closed and they made 110% of their goal!  She thinks the show will start airing this fall!



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