Summer Woods Crochet Square

Moogly 2017 CALI know I have said this in regard to just about every designer that has made a square so far for this CAL but I am in love with ELK Studio!  Kathy Lashley is the person behind the site and I am loving her work.  The site has both paid and free patterns that you can make, several CAL going on right now, and video tutorials.  I have looked through several of her patterns and I have added the Southern Kisses Shawl to my to do list.  I am not sure if it will be a present for someone or something I keep for myself but I need to make that thing – it is just gorgeous. 

Now down to this square – it is called Summer Wood.  She created it using 4 colors that just repeat in order. The most complex thing you are going to do in this square is making sure the “X” stitches all are made the same.  (If you cross the second DC in front of the first then all your crossed stitches will be the same.) Bonus – if you are a left handed crocheter she has a diagram just for you!  I am not sure if she has that for all her patterns or not but I think it is awesome she went the extra mile and provided that for you.

I am tempted to make this with 4 shades of the same color (light blue to navy) and work it to a baby blanket size.  She hints that you can do this in the notes before the pattern and I am so tempted to see how it turns out.

 Link to ELK Studios Square Page

Link to Moogly Square 10 Page

Notes on making this square in a single color:

Rd 3:  Just flip the square before starting and you will be in the right spot to start.

Rd 4 – end: sl st to corner and start from there.

Size:  I came up a bit short of the 12 inch square finished size after Rd 9 so I repeated Rd 8 then did Rd 10 as instructed.  It came out perfect and will only need minimal blocking.


That is it my friends just 3 little tips.  So go be a happy hooker!


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