Shells Aflutter Crochet Square

Moogly 2017 CALSquare 11 comes from the Stitchin’ Mommy site.  It is the brain child of Amy Ramnarine and it is pretty awesome.  She has free patterns, stitch tutorials, and has shops for her paid patterns on Etsy and Ravelry. Mermaid saw me clicking around her site and saw the pattern for a chocolate chip cookie pillow and begged for it in only the way a confident 3 year old can.  So guess what is now on my Make It One Day List?  A chocolate chip pillow.

Now for Square 11 – it is called Shells Aflutter and it might be a little intimidating when you read the instructions.  So I made a picture for each round to help out newbies.

Link to Original Pattern on Stitchin Mommy.

Link to the Moogly Blog Square 11 Page.

My Tips and Tricks to make this in a solid color:

I only have a few tips because the pattern is written so well.  You know how to count to the ends now but I am giving you a row by row guide so you know how each one will look.  More importantly so you can see how each row ‘lays over’ top of the one before.

Row 1 & 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:

Row 5:

Row 6: To make it easier on yourself leave the flower petals behind the work and then pull through when your done.

Row 7:

Row 7a

Row 8: Make sure your 6 are on the bar not the shell.

Row 9:

Row 9

Row 10:

Row 10

Row 11:

Row 11a

> Side Note:  You may be experiencing a distortion in your square.  It is ok you can pull it flat and straight when you block it.  See mine looks like it was mutilated by an angry otter but it flattened out perfectly.

Row 11


Row 12:


Row 13:

Row 14:

Row 14


**I didn’t need Row 18 to make my square 12 inches.  Remember to measure as you get near the end to see if you need all the rows.


I know that the sides look bumpy right now but I haven’t blocked it yet.  After helping people in Facebook Groups learn to do different granny squares I think its important to let everyone see what squares look like finished but unblocked.  Especially the distorted block picture up above.  You can be an advanced crocheter and these things will still happen.  That is why a brilliant woman in history developed blocking.

Happy Hooking!



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