Give A Shit Knit Kits ~ From Shit That I Knit

Give A Shit Knit KitsI know it has been a while since I told you about a Yarnie type charity, but I have found a new one that I just love.  The company Shit That I Knit (STIK) has a program where they have partnered with several other companies to put together kits for knitting projects.  The kicker is the kits are given only to young adult cancer patients.  I know everyone makes hats for chemo patients, and blankets and loveys for sick kids but I can’t think of a specific charity that is just for young adult cancer patients.


These patients have all the problems of being a teenager, then they had cancer tossed on top of the pile of crap they have to deal with.  Imagine having to deal with chemo while your trying to figure out how to be an adult? I don’t think that is something anyone should ever go through and I pray that scientist find the cures soon. Until they do there are companies and people who are there to help.  Like STIK, Lion Brand, Emulsion Printhouse, and Hive Studios.

This awesome group has banded together to bring a little happiness and peace to these cancer patients.  STIK helped organize everything. Lion Brand donates the wool, needles and notions, Emulsion Printhouse to donates the tote bags, and Hive Studios produced the tutorial videos on how to do the kits. STIK is working with the Dana Farber’s Young Adult Program to take it nationwide.


Photo credit: Shit That I Knit


I emailed them to see if there were ways for people to support the program and right now it is just to buy their products and spread the word. Bonus all their products are handmade by working moms in Peru. They source merino wool in Peru, have it hand dyed, then hand knit and sent back to the states.  Why is that impressive? They are helping Moms in a third world country provide for their families.  The women are able to support their families and earn a decent wage.  Personally I have the Gunn Beanie in black in my shopping basket. It is expensive but it will be so worth it.


Photo credit: Shit That I Knit – The Peru Team




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