Cabled Bloom – Crochet Square

Moogly 2017 CALThis square is from Jennifer at  Her site is all about crochet and I love it.  There are free crochet patterns and some tutorials that I am going to watch later.  I went through her free ones and I am adding her Retro Christmas Tree Towel to my One Day list.  I love it and it would look awesome hanging on my stove next Christmas.  I might make a few for presents too.  Now that Mermaid is in K4 I have to start thinking about teacher gifts.

Link to Moogly 2017 CAL #14

I think you are going to love this square.  She named it Cabled Blooms and it is just pretty.  If you haven’t worked with crochet cables then this is a great way to start.  There are only 8 places where you have to cross the post stitches, and the rest of the cables are made of front post stitches.


Tips and Tricks for a solid color square:

  1. There are no color changes in the instructions for this square so just follow the pattern as written and you will have a gorgeous square.

    Square curling – don’t worry!
  2. When you are working on the square it is going to get curly.  Don’t worry it will flatten out when it gets bigger and you can make it perfectly flat when you block it after you are done.
  3. She puts notes in some of the round instructions.  Make sure to read through each round before you start to make sure you know what is going on.
  4. Make sure to check your square against the measurements she gives you as you go.  I didn’t check until half way through and had to go back and remake it with a smaller hook.

Go Get Crafty!


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