Darn Good Yarn Club – September’s Kit

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DGY Sept KitThis month I am pretty proud of myself.  I have had the kit for about a week and now I have it done!  Granted the pattern was a pretty simple one but I still get crafty points for finishing my project.

The yarn this month is the original Premium Sari Silk Handspun Yarn.  Darn Good Yarn works with co-ops in India that employ women who shred saris and use the fibers to create this yarn.  It is a Fair Trade and Child Labour Free product that helps the women take care of their families when they have very few options of doing so.4

I love the colors!  The base is a dark purple with a bright pink and emerald green that is wrapped around it.  This is not a yarn you would make a delicate shawl out of, but it is perfect for this project.  Unlike some of the reclaimed yarns out there this one doesn’t seem to shed that much (I still put the towel in my lap just incase) so I am not to worried about wearing it with a nice outfit.

All together it only took me about 3 hours to complete the project using the crochet instructions.  I have about a half a ball left of the yarn so I could make another chain scarf like this one to pair with the Tree of Life Pendant they sent as this month’s surprise goodie.  I am thinking my favorite sister would love this one with the flowers for Christmas.

If you would like to get the Darn Good Yarn of the Month Kit click this link.  It is only $14 a month with the shipping!


I do have some tricks and tips to complete the project using the crochet instructions if your having some troubles:

  1. Where the instructions tell you to “Chain double the desired length of the scarf” I chained 300 stitches.
  2. Where the instructions tell you to make the third chain half the length of the first two – I made it the same 300 stitches.  To be fair I stopped and tried to arrange it like they suggest and it ended up hanging weird, so I made them even.
  3. Flowers:
    1. Make these in reverse order of the instructions.  Doing the petals backwards lets the flower curl in on itself easier for you to sew together.  You want to make 5 DC petals, 4 hdc petals, then 3 sc petals.
    2. The instructions don’t say so but when it says “Grab your darning needle” you need to finish off the yarn after the last stitch of the flower.
    3. Make several stitches through the back of the flower around the chains of the scarf to make it more secure.  If you don’t the flower will be very floppy and probably drive you nuts.
  4. To make the Second Flower:
    1. Instead of trying to SC the end of the chains together just tie a knot around them using the end of the yarn you are going to start the next flower with.
    2. Repeat the flower backwards, and remember to make the securing stitches when your done around the chains.

Saving Bundle - Hand Bended Silk Yarn

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