The Layered Dahlia Crochet Square

Moogly 2017 CAL.pngThis block was so much fun because I have been obsessed with popcorn stitches lately.  I just love them.  The block is called The Layered Dahlia by  I am trying to stay on track with my Crafty To-Do List (especially now that I am making more of these squares) so I have not gone through all of her patterns and things on her site.  I have written it down in my journal to go back to with big bold words so I won’t forget.



You are going to love how she wrote the pattern for this block.  She goes over just about everything a person could ask so make sure to read the notes before you start.  She has a close-up shot of each row so you can see what the stitches are doing.  This is really helpful in finding the right place for the spike stitches.  The best part is there are even hints under most of the photos that help you decipher the pattern instructions.


I have very few notes on how to make this one a solid color:

  1. Every in every row the color joins are in the same stitch as where you would finish off a color but #12.  On #12 just slip stitch to the chain to start.
  2. Personally I needed to add 1 ch to each starting chain for the rows to make it work for me.  If your chains are looser than mine you should be fine.
  3. The spike stitches won’t show up in a solid color piece like they do in multicolor, but do them anyways.  They open the rows up and help define the lacy areas.
  4. Measure after row 14.  I had a perfect 12″ square after row 15 and stopped there.  She gives guidelines after the pattern if you need help getting down to or up to 12″ depending on your guage and how the block measures when your done.


Go get crafty!


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