Moogly CAL 2017 – Square 16

I am not going to lie this is the square that broke me.  I loved the middle, the way the design pops around in there is awesome.  But when it came to adding the leaves I discovered that part was not as easy.  Not only that but that the square was going to be huge compared to the rest of the blocks I have kept to a strict 12″.

So I put it in the time out corner of the studio and told it to think about what it had done.  I tried redoing it a few times but keep coming up against a wall when it comes to getting the leaves to fit inside 12″.  So I am skipping this square.  I wish you better luck than I had.

I think I am going to turn the center into either a little pillow or an applique on the out side of a tote.  I really do love it.
Wool Yarns from

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