DGY KIT November 2017 – Spiral Hat

monthly roundupThis month’s Darn Good Yarn Kit was for a Spiral Hat that you could either crochet or knit.  It took me a while to figure that out because I am no longer allowed to open my own yarn box.  Mermaid has to open it for me to see if there is something in it for her.  A few months ago the free present was a set of purple butterfly magnets – that she immediately claimed for her collection on the dishwasher.  Since then I haven’t been able to open the box myself.  Unless I hide it in a closet till the next day when she is in school, but that is a lot of work.IMG_0125.JPG

The yarn is called Yikkity Yak – its a yak yarn from Nepal.  It is the first yak yarn I have actually touched and it was a lot softer than I thought it would be.  I love the way it worked up – no splitting, and no snagging.  I holds the pattern beautifully and doesn’t just collapse under the stitches.


The pattern this month is for a spiral hat that you could crochet or knit.  Of course I picked the crochet version.  I didn’t change a single thing or have to ‘work around’ a difficult part in the pattern.  I just picked it up on Thursday afternoon and had it done by the next day.


I take it back I did change one thing.  I didn’t add tassels at the end of the drawstring that closes the loop over the bun.  Tassels would just drive me crazy so I am going to find a few fat beads that can go in the washer to put on the ends.


I am not sure if they ever put these patterns up on Ravelry or sell them on the Darn Good Yarn website but if they do you want this one.  It is actually the first hat that I have made and kept for myself.  I have made dozens for gifts or charity but I haven’t kept one for myself.  This one I just couldn’t giveaway.


If you want to try the Darn Good Yarn Kit for yourself it is only $15 (in the US) including shipping every month.  Please use my affiliate link by clicking on the picture.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra but I get a little bit of yarn money so I can keep finding new things to share with you!
Darn Good Yarn: Online Yarn Store | Ethical Yarn

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