Ziggidy Zag Summer Crochet Square

Moogly 2017 CALThe Ziggidy Zag Square by Betrice Ryan Designs is an easy one you can do in an afternoon.  I love the way it looks in the solid color too.  The center design and the fans in the corners really pop.  Trying to stay focused on all my Christmas makes and finishing these squares to make the blankets for the Ronald McDonald House I haven’t spent time browsing her site, but I plan to!


My Tips for a Solid Square

  1. There are 2 ways to turn this square into a solid color:
    • Slip stitch from where you join to the center of the corner.  You can do this because you are only going to be working in the middle of the V stitches and not the tops.
    • You can pick up the pattern and start working a V stitch in the stitch below and work to the corner.  For rounds 4-8 you repeat the same stitch pattern of placing V stitches inside the V stitches of the round below and adding a V stitch to the first and last stitch of the corner fans.  It is easy to (ch3, dc) in each starting space and then pick up the pattern.  For round 9 you just (sc, trc, sc) in the starting space and pick up the pattern.
  2. IMG_0277I turned my work for rounds 9 & 10.  If you do this then when you make the (sc,trc,sc) clusters the treble automatically sticks out on the front of the work and is out of the way while you are working on both rounds.  You can’t tell at all that you did this and the results are crisp and uniform clusters on the front when you are done.
  3. Make sure to measure your square at Round 7.  I had to skip round 8 to keep mine to a 12″ square.


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