Winter Woods Crochet Square

Moogly 2017 CALThis post is for the 22nd square of  the CAL!  Almost there!  It is the Winter Woods Mitered Square by Fiber Flux.  This is the easiest post I am ever going to write for this CAL.  Seriously I love this little square, and I can’t give you a single tip.  She has a video on how to make the square in the original colors and she also has a video if you want to make it in other colors.


But you won’t have any problems at all because the whole square is a repeat of 2 rows – one of regular double crochet, and one of back post double crochet.  To make it a solid color just keep going.  I timed myself and I made it in 1 hour and 5 minutes.  That includes a line of single crochet all the way around to make it easier to add the border and seam it into a blanket.



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