Romantic Lacy Shawl

Blinking Cat Blog.pngI have been on a crocheting spree getting ready for Christmas and filling last minute orders.  This shawl was one of my last minute special orders for Christmas.  The person who is ordering just asked for a lacy looking rectangle shawl using yarn she had already bought in a strawberry color.  That is it folks.  Do you know how many rectangle lacy shawl patterns there are out there? Hundreds of Thousands of them I am sure.  I have been wanting to try this pattern for a while and decided it would be perfect right away.  The Romantic Lacy Shawl is a free pattern on that was designed by Kathleen Sams.


If you are looking for an easy pattern to try your hand at a shawl this one is perfect.  There is only one row that you repeat for as long as you want (I went 70 inches) and no border to worry about.  Seriously one row.  Don’t worry it is going to be boring though, the look that you get is a climbing vine.


Tips To Complete

There is just one row and it is pretty easy.  The only time I had an issue was when I missed the single DC in between the CH2 spaces.  Good news is if you do miss one you can either

  • rip back and redo it – the shawl isn’t so wide this is a hassle.
  • work the cluster into the space between the first and second stitch where you are missing a space and it will create one.  Once you get the whole thing done no one will find it.


Materials Used

Hook:  I – Clover comfort hook

Yarn:  Caron Simply Soft in Strawberry  (I know it is a Red Heart Pattern but the customer had bought this yarn for the specific color.  You gotta do what you gotta do folks.)



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