Ruffled Wrap

Ruffled Wrap ReviewThe Ruffled Wrap is one of the projects I made for my 12 weeks of Red Heart for Christmas this year.  It was a bespoke order by Mother In Law for one of her best friends.  She picked out the yarn and told me to make something cushy and warm that her friend could wrap up in when she goes out on her porch in Colorado.  I looked thru books and Ravelry but wound up back at my favorite site for free patterns –

– Red Heart Free Pattern Link –

I picked this pattern because the lady who will get it is a very thin and petite woman.  I have chatted with her several times at lunches and I knew that she didn’t wear the large triangle shawls because they go past her knees and she always ends up sitting on them.  So I picked a wide rectangle that would stay above the waist and wrap a few times over her shoulders.


The Ruffled wrap is perfect for all levels of hookers.  If your new it uses simple stitches and repeats.  There is no big shaping that you have to do all the stitches just stack right on top of each other, using a row repeat that is easy to remember so you don’t have to keep track of your pattern while you are working.  If you are a more experienced hooker you will enjoy working on it while watching tv or listening to a podcast for all the same reasons.


– Notes and Alterations –

I finished this wrap in about 12 hours.

I used Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue.

The only change I made was to add one extra row on the ruffle to make it a bit more dramatic.

That is it folks.  Go get crafty!

I Like Crochet December Issue

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