Siren Shawl

poetic crochet book cover

Have you ever had a pattern book that you just can’t stop making things from?  One of my favorites of all time is Poetic Crochet by Sara Kay Hartmann.  Since I bought this book in February 2016 I have made almost a dozen shawls from it.  So when it came time to pick a project for the first month of the Slay Your Stash CAL by Down Cellar Studios it was the first place I looked.

file_small2The yarn I picked for January is Nature by Brown Sheep.  I had two skeins of the fingering weight yarn with a total yardage of 620 yards.  I decided to make the Siren Shawl mainly because I have been wanting to try the pattern.  The way it is written it calls for 820 yards of sport weight yarn.  I knew I could make it work with a little alteration though.

interweave pic of shawl
(c) Interweave

Now if you are going to buy this book (which I highly recommend) and do the pattern as written you only need to know how to do chains, single crochet, and treble stitches.  Seriously.  This project would be amazing for a beginner who wants to create an elegant wrap they can do it with no problem.  If your an experienced hooker who wants a simple project while your on a trip or binging a new show on Hulu then this is great for you.

My Alterations

Since I had a lot less yarn than the pattern called for I skipped making the picot stitch every other row in the body of the shawl.  I love how this looks because then the picots are stacked with a little more open space than the design called for.  If you are short on yarn try this and see how you like it.

IMG_1080For the border I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn for both rows, and that I would be skipping the second row where you add  a picot on every shell.  Honestly I knew I wouldn’t block every one of those little picots every time I had to clean the shawl.  Instead I did 6 DC in the indicated stitch.


Siren Shawl Pattern Review by BlinkingCat

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