Flower Burst Crochet Square – Moogly 2018 CAL Square 1

Moogly 2018 CAL Flower Burst SquareI am so excited about starting the Moogly 2018 CAL.  I had so much fun working on last year’s CAL and donating the finished blankets to my local Ronald McDonald House I am doing it again.  I am going to make each square in a solid gray so the finished blankets can be given to what ever little patient needs a blanket without worrying about the color being wrong.

Link to Moogly’s Page for Square Pattern

The first block this year is the Flower Burst square by Jessie At Home.  I love this block!  I am a sucker for a pretty floral square.  This one has a round flower center with granny square borders which just ups the cuteness.  I am thinking about making this square with different colored center flowers and a single colored border for all the squares.  It would look like the bed is covered in a stain glassed bouquet!

The colored square on the left was made by Tamara of Moogly.  I can’t decide which one I like better her vibrant colors or the way the texture shows through in the solid gray.

My Materials

Red Heart Super Saver – Gray

I Hook

Pattern Notes


1. Make sure to slip stitch the end of each row – it isn’t written in the instructions.

2.  Pay attention when doing sl st and sc.  She goes from one to another in the same row and you don’t want to frog because you used the wrong one.


R2:  sl st to first ch space – pick up pattern.

R3:  sl st to first space between the petals – not a ch space.  The dc should lay against the top of your work.  They are going to create a curve.

R4:  sl in the top of 2 dc going up the first shell, then sl between dc #3 & 4 to start row – pick up pattern.

R5:  Work row 5 as written except for the first section make (4dc 1 hdc) then in last group make (1 hdc 2 dc).  If you do this you will start in the right spot for row 6.

R6:  You are starting in the right spot – just ch 4 and pick up pattern.

R7:  For the first group do (3 Tr) in first st – pick up pattern.  Last st do (3 tr, 2 ch) then sl st to top of first tr.

R8:  For first group do (3 tr) in first st – pick up pattern.  For last group (3 tr, ch 2) then join to first tr.

R11:  This is your last round so check the size of your square before finishing.  If you are short change to a hdc or dc instead of the sc.  *Mine was a little short and I had to work hdc around to have a finished 12 inch square.

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