Gretchen Crochet Square – Moogly 2018 CAL Square 2

Moogly 2018 CAL Gretchen Square

Gretchen is the second square in the Moogly 2018 CAL.  It is from Julie Yeager Designs.

This square is a little more complicated than others that have been in the Moogly CALs in the past but if you take your time you will be able to do it.

I love it both in color and solid.  My girl friend was over when I was working on the square and has decided she needs a throw for her couch with the center in green and cream and the edge in gray.  She went to the hobby store on her way home and already has a dozen squares done a week later.

Moogly 2018 CAL Square 2 Pattern Link


My Materials

Red Heart Super Saver – Gray

I Hook

Pattern Notes


Make sure to read her notes on the stitches before you start.  You may not have done a double treble before – don’t be afraid it is just a really tall stitch.


R4 – You will start with a sl in the right spot, sc in next dc.  It is ok if it curls a little when you do this round.  It will flatten back out when you finish the square.


R5 – To finish you need to sl st the turning chain with the last sc of the pattern repeat.

R6 – The ch bars are going to go across the shells you made in R5.


R8 – Slip stitch to the corner.

R9 – Slip stitch to the corner.

R11 – Slip stitch to the 4th treble.

Leave me a comment below and let me know how your solid square turned out!

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Wool Yarn from Knit Picks

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