Color Burst Coasters ~ Pattern Review

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I got this pattern from Annie’s to make a set of coasters for my new patio furniture I plan to get this summer.  I love the different stitches that they use to make the pattern stand out – especially the picot clusters that go around the edge.

Click here for the pattern.


So far I have made 2 of the circle coasters.  The pattern works out beautifully; the problem I am having is getting the right gauge.  The two ‘coasters’ that I have made so far are more trivet size.  Although Mermaid loves the Red, White and Blue one and has decided it makes a perfect placemat for her little plates.  She is convinced that I made it on purpose just so she could have an America placemat.  For the love of all that is holy do not tell her differently!

I am going to make the oval coaster that comes with the pattern after I get a skein of the yarn recommended.  Looking at the instructions if you can do the round coaster the oval will be no problem.  It uses all the same stitches in the same pattern repeats just stretched over a starting bar instead of a magic circle.


General Notes

Time To Make

It took me roughly an hour and a half to make each coaster.  You could easily make yourself a set in a weekend while watching your shows.


 Stitches Used141585_2

There are a few stitches used that a would sound intimidating for a beginner.

  • The key to working the clusters is to make sure you have the right number of loops on your hook when you do the final pull through.
  • Eyelet/ Star Stitch – there is a diagram of how this stitch should look that will help you.  Don’t freak out that you have to work in the side of stitches; just pick up a loop and keep on trucking.



For the coaster using the Lily Sugar ‘n Cream I used a G hook.

For the coaster using the Lion Brand 24/7 I used a D hook.

*You won’t have a huge build up of stitches on your hook so ones with an ergonomic handle will not be a problem.



The pattern lists the yarn used as Omega Sinfonia Light Weight Cotton Yarn.  I don’t have this on hand and my local yarn shop doesn’t stock it.  So I thought I would wing it with some Lily Sugar ‘n Cream that I had in my stash.  It turned out huge.  So I went to Joann’s and bought some Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton that is the right weight and tried again with a much smaller hook.  Still turned out bigger than the pattern calls for.  I have never used the Omega cotton yarn that they used in the pattern but it has to be very thin and light to get it to the right size.

Below is a picture of the two stacked on top of each other.  This way you can see the difference in the finished coaster using the two different yarns.


Working The Pattern

  • When you are working the 3 DC Clusters make sure to read where you are starting each cluster.  In the Round Coasters the clusters on Round 2 share the stitch they are worked into for the first and third of each cluster. They sort of overlap with each other.  In Round 6 they do not.     In the oval cluster they both overlap and stand alone in the same rows.  Make sure to pay attention to this!
  • In some of the rows the pattern tells you to work in the back loop only.  The purpose of this is to form a small raised ring that highlights part of the coaster.  If you have trouble working in back loops only, or feel like it pulls your work apart to much you can skip this and work in both loops.

Possible Hacks

  • If you can’t get really light weight cotton yarn easily try changing Rounds 3 & 5 to SC to make the body of the coaster smaller.  You will have the same number of stitches (so you won’t have to do math) they will just be shorter – creating a smaller coaster.



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