Breakers Tee

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This is one of my favorite sweaters ever!  I am not just saying that because I spent a week making it either.  I love that it is loose and long.  There is no complicated increasing and decreasing to make a cut in waist or snug around the boobs.  It is just a great every day sweater.  You can put it over jeans or leggings and get on with life wearing something you made.

Click here for the pattern link.

I had planned on taking the sweater with me on a trip this May but it turned out a bit to heavy for a spring trip.  That is ok because I am going to be rocking it this fall.  I used Bernat Softee Baby Cotton to make this sweater.  I am planning on buying the bamboo/ cotton blend to make another one in a darker color before next fall.

If you are a beginner crocheter or have some experience and looking to make your first sweater this one is perfect.  There are no complicated stitches to trip you up.



General Notes

Time To Makepin 3

The pattern is pretty easy.  I was able to make the whole sweater and seam the sides in one week.

Stitches Used

There are only a few basic stitches – single crochet, chain, and slip stitches.

Hooks & Yarn

I used a H hook with an ergonomic handle.

I used the Bernat Softee Baby Yarn in Pale Periwinkle.  It took about 7 skeins for the X-Large size.  (I was able to get guage and work the pattern without altering it substituting this yarn for the recommended in the pattern.)

Working The Pattern

  • The pattern is a simple repeat of two rows.  One row starts with 2 sc, the other starts with 1 sc.  If you are paying attention this is an easy thing to keep up with.  If you watch tv shows while you work I recommend marking one side with a colored stitch marker to remember what row you are starting.  It is a simple trick but it will save you so much time.
  • When you are marking where to start your sleeves don’t worry about measuring x number of inches.  Look at the number of sc you are going to end up with for your size.  Divide that number in half minus one.  Now count that number of rows from the shoulder seam and place a marker.
    • I think this is a safer way to mark where your stitches should be.  If one side of your sweater has stretched or been pulled at all they will not measure equally.  This way you will have perfectly even stitches around the arm hole.
    • For my sweater I would have a total of 69 stitches.  I took one stitch away for the shoulder seam, that left 34 stitches.  I counted 34 rows from the seam and put a marker on each side.  It worked out perfectly.IMG_1893
  • If you want to save some yarn or weaving in a couple more ends after you seam up the second shoulder seam DO NOT fasten off.  Instead work the neck band around.  You are going to be starting and finishing in the right places.
  • When you are preparing to mark the bottom edge for where to stop the side seam you can repeat the counting rows trick instead of measuring inches.  I used the same number of rows from the shoulder set up (34 rows).

Possible Hacks

You could easily make this sweater a little longer to be a full tunic length.

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