Gaithersburg Stole

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Gaithersburg Stole Pattern Review 1This pattern is from the first Bonnie Barker book I found – Contemporary Celtic Crochet.  The book has 24 different patterns that you can work; there are scarves, hats, wraps, baby blankets, sweaters, and a couple different bags.  The Gaithersburg stole is the third thing I have made from the book and I loved every minute of it.


The stole is a wide wrap that measures 60″ x 21″ (without fringe) so it is wide enough to cover your shoulders and back and long enough to lay across the front of your shoulders.  She puts fringe on each end that after you knot it would be about 10 inches.

I3d19edec066ca047ca203a9e64acef8e--crochet-designs-crochet-ideas want my stole to last for a long time so I am skipping the fringe part for now.  In the past fringe has gotten knotted in the wash or fallen out and I want to save myself the hassle.  I might go back and add the fringe if it feels unfinished when I start wearing it this fall.  It is very dramatic in the pictures with the fringe though huh?  This picture with the woman on the step is the official pattern photo from the book.  Isn’t it amazing?

The pattern calls for Caron Simply Soft yarn (4 skeins) and that is what I used.  Y’all know how much I love that yarn for sweaters and wraps.  It worked out perfectly to gauge for me.  I picked the color that is a light tan with flecks of browns and reds in it.  I have been eyeballing this color for at least a year trying to find the perfect project to use it in.

Pattern Notes

I did not find any errors in the pattern.  There is a stitch guide at the end of the pattern, and she gives detailed notes on how to make the fringe.  The only thing I would change is if you are going to do the fringe don’t cut all those strands before you create the body.  Just set aside a skein to cut up after you work it.  Depending on how long you take to work the body those 230 strands of 24 inch yarn can become a tangled mess.

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