Celtic Cable Cowl

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Want to guess where I got the Celtic Cable Cowl pattern from?  You guessed it from Bonnie Barker’s book Celtic Cable Crochet.  I picked it for two reasons – 1.  I wanted a pattern that I could use the fancy merino wool I bought on our trip to Switzerland in June.  2. I got a cute jean jacket from Stitchfix this summer that I am going to be rocking all fall and this is going to be perfect to go with it.

The cowl measures appx 30″ x 6 1/2″.  So it is loose enough to go over your hair without messing it up but skinny enough you are not going to be drowning in it all day.


thGPN1DH99The pattern is going to work up quickly for you.  I worked the whole thing in about 6 hours on a road trip.  If you want a project to get your feet wet working crochet cables in the round this one is perfect.  The green cowl above is mine, and the tan one pictured to the right is the official picture from the book.  Look how crisp her cables are!

Pattern Notes:

The cowl is worked in the round.  Pay attention because in the middle portion you are going to turn your work after each row.  In the two border sections you do not.

Cotton Yarns from knitpicks.com

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