Crocodile Dahlia Square – Moogly 2018 CAL Square 4

This square is from KatiDCreations.  It is a pretty one that is going to be a focal point of your afghan.  If you click through to her pattern you will find all kinds of help to make your square perfect.  On her pdf download she has a link to her video on her Youtube channel that will walk you through every step of the square.

Personally I had a hard time with this square.  Not because she isn’t clear but I have made a dozen queen size blankets using the bottom up crocodile method, and the one she uses is from the outside in.  

If you have never tried the crocodile stitch you need to give this one a shot, you will not be disappointed.  

Need some motivation?  This is a picture of her finished square to inspire you.


(c) KatiDCreations

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