Junk Journals

This fall I found a stall selling junk journals at my local craft fair and life has not been the same.

The journals in the stall were all leather bound ones like you would find in a book store, but they had been altered. He stamped up the pages, sewed in ribbons and lace, added the odd bead or strip of washi tape here and there. I loved them. Then I saw the price tag. For one book about 4×6 with around 200 pages he wanted $150. No matter how awesome his journals were there was no way I could pay $150.

I went home and I thought about it. I googled it. Then I found Gayle on YouTube.

After watching two of her ‘how to’ videos I was hooked. I grabbed the first old book off my shelf I could reach (it was a book of family poetry from college) and started tearing that sucker up.

One month in and I am on my fourth book. If you like to journal, to scrapbook, smashook, anything where you get to write down your thoughts and stick in some pretty stickers? Then you are going to love junk journaling.

I am

still busy


Break out the glue …