Home & Hearth

In my search for a cozy life I am trying all kinds of things.

I am taking online classes to improve my cooking and baking skills. I plan to try one new recipe a week to replace the tired chicken and rice casserole I make every Tuesday. If you are interested in any of that click on the link below.

One of the biggest things everyone has to deal with is the clutter in their house. Some of it is amzing things you will keep forever. The magnet collection on the fridge? Keep it. The stack of electric bills from ten years and two houses ago? Not so much. If you want to get motivated to organize your house and possibly your life follow me on my journey as I work my way through the KonMari method.

I am getting my house in Florida ready to sell, so I can build a new one in the Georgia mountains. There are so many projects you have to do before you can sell a house. Not to mention all of the ones you want to do just because they will improve your house. If you want to get a giggle out of me fumbling my way through them check out the House Projects page.

Let’s get cozy.