Podcasts & Classes

If you have made it this far into my site you know I love learning new things.

I am currently subscribed to over 100 podcasts. I listen to them all the time (the only time I listen to music now is if Mermaid is in the car). There is no limit to the type of podcast I will listen to: crochet, writing process, self help, the chicks from the office, romance novels, homesteading (so not a homesteader), a few comedians, and of course David Tennant talking to people.

I also love to take classes. Bluprint, CreativeBug, French Kiss Life, and SpikedParenting are my favorite. As I finish them up I will give you a review and tell you what I think you will get out of it.

If you have a podcast/ class you want me to listen to let me know!

French Kiss Life: Master Class

Spiked Parenting: Boss of your time

88 Cups of Tea Podcast

Let’s get cozy.