The Knit Show with Vickie Howell !!

    When I started knitting and crocheting all those years ago there was a TV show called Knitty Gritty hosted by Vickie Howell.  I loved it.  I learned how to set up my old VCR just to record the shows.  After that show she became the host on Knitting Daily, by that time I had the glory of a DVR.  I still have every episode … Continue reading The Knit Show with Vickie Howell !!

10 Essential Notions for Crochet

*This post contains affiliate links.   When you are just starting a new hobby it is always hard to know exactly what you really need.  If you walk down the aisles of any hobby store there are all kinds of things to choose from for crochet alone.  There are hooks (plastic, bamboo or metal), there are stitch markers (locking and open), needles (bent, straight and … Continue reading 10 Essential Notions for Crochet

Danyel’s Square

Find Moogly’s Post for Square #2 here. Link to the pattern on Salena Baca Crochet is here. The designer for this square is Salena Baca.  I learned about her last week on Marly Bird’s podcast ‘Yarn Thing.’  I have to tell you that I loved her interview so much I was looking at her sites before I was done listening to it.  She has hundreds of patterns … Continue reading Danyel’s Square