Ruffled Wrap

The Ruffled Wrap is one of the projects I made for my 12 weeks of Red Heart for Christmas this year.  It was a bespoke order by Mother In Law for one of her best friends.  She picked out the yarn and told me to make something cushy and warm that her friend could wrap up in when she goes out on her porch in … Continue reading Ruffled Wrap

Romantic Lacy Shawl

I have been on a crocheting spree getting ready for Christmas and filling last minute orders.  This shawl was one of my last minute special orders for Christmas.  The person who is ordering just asked for a lacy looking rectangle shawl using yarn she had already bought in a strawberry color.  That is it folks.  Do you know how many rectangle lacy shawl patterns there … Continue reading Romantic Lacy Shawl