Botanical Garden Crochet Square

Moogly 2017 CALI am on a roll!  I just finished Square 18.  It is called the Botanical Garden Square by Sonya at Black Stone Designs.  In an effort to stay on target I haven’t poked around through all of her sites and media but what I did look at on her site is awesome.  You need to go just for the little elf treat bags!

Link To Moogly’s

Square Page

I love how she writes patterns.  They are clear but very simple.  She doesn’t waste time in spelling out everything in over complicated detail.  She tells you exactly what you have to do and how many of each stitch your going to end up with at the end of each row.

I literally have no tips or tricks to make this easier for you.  To make the solid color you just ignore where she inserts color changes.  The only part you might have a problem with is the Third Loop Only stitch.  If you can’t figure it out check out this video on YouTube of Tamara from Moogly explaining it.

For my square I am still using my metal I hook from Boye and the same Caron One pound yarn in Rose.  I had to stop on round 14!  The pattern keeps going up to 16 but I hit a perfect 12 inches early.  If I wasn’t already so far into this CAL I would switch to a smaller hook, but that would just screw the look for the last 6 blocks.

Go Get Crafty!

Wool Yarns from

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