Pie Dough – Why the hell is it so hard?

I love to bake. I will whip up a cake, batch of cookies, or tray of brownies no problem. My problem is pie dough.

You would think a chick my age who loves to bake would be able to do it from memory and have it turn out perefectly but you would be wrong. Dry crumbling floury mess kind of wrong.

To complicate things Hubby loves pies. Fruit pies are his favorite but he will eat anything wrapped if a flaky pastry and I honestly can’t do it.

The challenge – discover the mystery of a good pie dough.

The ulitmate goal – be able to whip up a pie (savory or sweet) with out the help of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

One thought on “Pie Dough – Why the hell is it so hard?

  1. Most of my pie doughs in recent years have come out too tough so I have resorted to buying ready made mostly. Though oddly the other day I used chick pea (gram) flour and the pasty was great, used it for a vege quiche and very tasty.


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