Dizzy Corner Crochet Square

Moogly 2017 CALI am rocking these squares out now! Square 21 is Dizzy Corner by Mamas2hands.com.  I am still on lock down as far as new pattern collection goes so I haven’t poked around all the corners of her site yet – but I did see an awesome post about crochet snowflake ornaments and how to make them stiff so they look great on the tree.  I don’t know how I saw it, really, it just jumped right up there on my screen.


My Tips for a solid square:

This square has a quirk.  It starts with a spiral.  Then the square builds up on two sides.  This is pretty in the colored version but was a little tricky when your doing it in a solid color.

  1. Make sure you read all of her notes before the pattern – and use the stitch markers!  I used blue and white for ‘color a’ area and pink and orange for the ‘color b’ area.
  2. z2When your done with the spiral and finish off the ‘color b’ strand, do the 5 stitches to finish the spiral with the ‘color a’ strand but DO NOT CUT IT!  When you remove the extra stitch markers make sure to keep the one next to where your yarn is and then you can just keep going with the pattern without cutting the yarn again until the end of the square.
  3. When the pattern tells you to finish off a color and start a new color on the right side of the square – don’t listen just keep going.  You just flip the square and work back and forth all of the stitches will show up on the front like they are supposed to.
  4. Row 12 – the total count should be 44 sc, and the chain space.
  5. Make sure to start measuring when your square gets larger.  I reached 12 inches at row 21.  Because I can’t do the edges that are in the pattern I just worked the single crochet all around the square to finish it off.

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