Doubles And Stripes – Moogly 2018 CAL Square 5

The Doubles and Stripes Square was designed by The Lindsey Life Blog. This square is my first time working one of her patterns but it is not going to be the last. Her site has everything – tutorials, free patterns, reviews, and links to her designs – Poetry in Yarn. I can’t decide between her hats on Ravelry which one I want to make the most. I think it is going to be the Diamant Tam – it is just so beautiful.


Now for this square it is really easy to do. Multicolored or single colored it is going to be easy and lovely. Bonus – If you keep repeating the cluster and single crochet rows you can make a baby blanket or large pillow cover instead of a square.


My Materials

Yarn – Caron One Pound in Pink

Hook – J Hook, metal

Pattern Notes

  1. I stopped at Round 13 because I hit 12 inches. Make sure to measure here to see where you are with gauge.
  2. This pattern is an easy one to do in front of the tv. Don’t worry about hiding in the close to avoid being interrupted.

To Make a Solid Color

You are going to work the pattern as it is written with a few changes. They all happen at the beginning of the row. My instructions below help you get started on the color change rows to the corner. Then you will pick up the pattern at the corner instructions and work around as instructed.


  • These changes are what I did to make my square a solid color. I am not claiming any kind of rights to this pattern.
  • If I don’t list notes for a round do it exactly as written.

Round 3 – sl st 1, [3 dc in next st, sk 2 sts] repeat to corner == pick up pattern.

Round 4 – ch 1, [sc next st] corner == pick up pattern.

Round 5 – (ch 3, 2 dc) in first stitch, sk 2 st == pick up pattern.

Round 7 – Sl st 1, (ch 3, 2dc) == pick up pattern.

Round 9 – Sl st 1, (ch3, 2 dc), (sk 2 sc, 3 dc next st) == pick up pattern.

Round 11 – Sl st 1, (ch 3, 2dc) = pick up pattern.

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