Doubles And Stripes – Moogly 2018 CAL Square 5

The Doubles and Stripes Square was designed by The Lindsey Life Blog. This square is my first time working one of her patterns but it is not going to be the last. Her site has everything – tutorials, free patterns, reviews, and links to her designs – Poetry in Yarn. I can’t decide between her hats on Ravelry which one I want to make the … Continue reading Doubles And Stripes – Moogly 2018 CAL Square 5

Danyel’s Square

Find Moogly’s Post for Square #2 here. Link to the pattern on Salena Baca Crochet is here. The designer for this square is Salena Baca.  I learned about her last week on Marly Bird’s podcast ‘Yarn Thing.’  I have to tell you that I loved her interview so much I was looking at her sites before I was done listening to it.  She has hundreds of patterns … Continue reading Danyel’s Square